We are pleased to announce the release of Virtual Album 3.0, now powered with the latest editing functionality and album features.

Following is the list of new features and expanded options:

  • Sub-album editor –
    You can now view the sub-album as thumbnails and manually arrange the thumbnails in several different orders. In v3.0 the sub-album was sorted by year only, now you have more options.
  • Export sub-album –
    We've added a thumbnails view to the exported sub album.
  • Audio –
    In v3.0 you could only add a WAV file to each photo, you can now also add a MIDI audio file. You can also add wav/midi file to sub-albums to be played in the background, the same option is available in the Export option.
  • Full Screen View –
    Has been added to the View Album. Now you can view the photos without the data, in its original size. The full screen view can also be seen as a slide show.
  • Scanning –
    When scanning new photos, the size of the last photo is now kept between scans. When you scan a group of photos, they are usually from the same film roll, so they have the same size. When you cut the photos from the scan window, you don’t have to resize the shape of the cutting borders between scans – thus making the scanning process much faster.
  • Export –
    When exporting to a CD, an autorun program is created. So when you insert the CD to a CD-drive, the slide show runs automatically.
    You can also export directly to your CD-RW.
  • Batch Edit –
    When you finish batch editing the selected group of photos, you can now edit them one by one and enter the data that is unique to each photo in the group.

The above improvements will contribute to the friendly usage and improved function of VAlbum.

At Virtual Album, we are constantly striving to improve our products. Suggestions for improvements often come from our customers so feel free to contact us with your ideas.

I really like Virtual Album, and with the new features in version 3.0, I am sure I will like it even more now.
Keep up the good work, it's a pleasure doing business with a company that cares about it's customers.

Thank You
Keith Haab